I’m going back to my roots…

Place : The Sparrow Bier Café – Outstanding bar food. Exceptional amount of ales, beers, ciders, wines. Reassuringly relaxed. Charismatically cultured. The taste of Europe.
(North Parade).

Pint : Oyster – 4.6% Stout.

Brewer : Arbor Ales, Bristol.

Place :  The New Beehive Inn – Multitude of gaslit, characterful rooms. Soused in Edwardian. Fantastic ales, beers, whiskies. The flutter of musicians. Roaring tap room fire. Tales to be told.

Pint : Nero – 5.0% Stout.

Brewer : The Milton Brewery, Cambridge.

Place : The Fighting Cock – Barrels grace the entrance. Old school paraphernalia. Stunning ales, beers, wines. Honest. Intimate. Multicultural. Sterling. Proper pub.
(Preston Street).

Pint : Pictish – 4.4% Porter.

Brewer : Pictish Brewing Company, Rochdale.



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