Place : Duke of York – Bedecked with flowers. Soaked in history.  Community orientated. Wonderful views.  Great list of food and drink, combined with magnificent hospitality.  Olde Worlde. Atmospheric.  Swell.
(Church Street)

Pint : Black Sheep – 4.4% ale.

Brewer : The Black Sheep Brewery, Masham.

Place : The Black Horse – One of the oldest around. Doused with history. Quality variety of food and drink, with fine service. Full of character.  Spirited.  Salt of the earth.
(Church Street)

Pint : Rhatas – 4.4% ale.

Brewer : Black Dog Brewery, Whitby.

Place : The Board Inn – Equally stacked with traditional and modern surroundings. Steeped in memorabilia. Terrific offering of food and drink, with pleasant inclusivity. Bucolic scenery. Effervescent. Charming.  
(Church Street)

Pint : Old Peculier – 5.6% ale.

Brewer : Theakston Brewery, Masham.



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