Place : The Marble Arch. Flagship pub of The Marble Brewery. Handsomely listed. Marvellously joined in matrimony with Victorian decadence. First Class range of locally sourced ale/food. Exquisitely vintage.

(73, Rochdale Rd).

Pint : Ginger Marble, 4.5% ale.

Brewer : The Marble Brewery, Manchester.


Place : Knott Bar. From Scottish Punks to Trappist Monks. Cool. Spacious. No nonsense, welcoming vibe. Terrific range of local/craft beer, with food to match. Modern paradise for the culturally informed.

(374, Deansgate).

Pint : Highwire, 5.5% ale.

Brewer : Magic Rock Brewing, Huddersfield.


Place : Port Street Beer House. Elegantly smart. Stylish. Sophisticated. Open. Warm. Relaxed. Monumental variety of craft beers, from all over the world. Perfect firmament for the connoisseurs.

(39-41, Port Street, Northern Quarter).

Bottle : Bosko, 6.5% ale.

Brewer : Pressure Drop Brewing, Hackney.


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