In 1899, FC Barcelona were created, fronted by Joan Gamper and they are now recognised worldwide, as one of the most prestigious clubs The Beautiful Game has ever graced.

In 1902, Catalonia welcomed another football team to its shores, in the mold of Strong Esport, before being officially founded in a café on the Rambla Norat, as Girona FC, in 1930. This was an extremely proud day for the stunning City of Girona, (one that has endured 25 sieges; captured seven times by the French), especially as the Council granted their crest to be used upon the club’s badge.

After interchanging between the Second and Third Divisions, mainly due to the Spanish Civil War, through having to let their best players go and losing their Vista Elegre stadium to heavy bombing, they still managed to stay very tightly knit, Post-War, in severely tough circumstances and finally, after many years in the wilderness, they began moving forward again, thanks to having the Estadi Montilivi built in 1970, which today, still stands; holding their 9000+ fanatical supporters, with pure honour.

The 80’s proved to be yet another rough era for the side, with major debts threatening to collapse their passionate structure and any notions of tasting elite matches were just utter fantasy.

The 90’s were no better, laced with even more monetary issues to contend with, before a man named Peter Saguer, who was previously their President in the 1967/68 season, salvaged the club; stabilising them and bringing about a much brighter and securer future, making them a regular fixture in the Segunda División, where they have featured, up till this year, from 2008.

Despite their respectably humble stance, there is an overwhelming sky of lamentation looming over their history and traditions because of what could have been, had they not been so fatefully curtailed ever since 1936, whilst their Catalan counterparts Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao et al, have gone on to experience more illustrious fortunes, in stark comparison.

Currently, their staunch followers are desperately trying hard not to get too carried away with their recent position because they sagely know not to take anything for granted, thanks to their cruel and tumultuous past but you would be hard pressed not to feel the prominent presence of an ever blooming optimism surrounding the club.

In 2013, under the purist banner of Girona Is Mine Too, the board of directors approved an increase of the club’s capital, to endorse balancing the books even further, which has gone some way to building positive results, on and off the pitch, with promising young manager Pablo Machín at the helm, providing the necessary vibes and ethos, which, as it stands, has astutely led them to the top of the table, ahead of their rivals, Barcelona’s B Team,  Llagostera and Sabadell.

Every player (bar exciting, young French talent in Florian Lejeune) in the team, is Spanish through and through, believing in promotion from within and with a fantastic blend of youth and experience, with the likes of Miguel Ángel Garrido, Pere Pons Riera, Felipe Sanchón, Francisco Sandaza and Sebastián Coris, they are determined to keep the Albirrojos flag risen high, into the rest of the season.

Long may it continue. Their adoring fans would have to be made of immovable stone to not get carried away with their start. Who can blame them?. They have waited long enough to be imbued with the faith again, that finally, this could be the year they make history, by being promoted to La Liga, for the very first time. Here is to hoping that they make that dream a reality; hoisting even more Catalan colours in Spain’s Premier Division, expeditiously.


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